RPG Character Card

Fun little Photoshop composition for a character card in a role playing game.  

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Rey “Hope” Poster

Poster of Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, using the style of Shepard Fairey, the artist that created the famous Barack Obama “Hope” poster.

Kay Dermatology

Kay Dermatology: Web Content Creation and Management Visit archived site Web design, development & front end architecture, content editing, video editing and conversion, web marketing and search engine optimization. Dr. Martin Kay’s site caters as much to a senior audience as well as the middle … Continue readingKay Dermatology

Compassionate Cuisine Website

Compassionate Cuisine: Web Content Creation and Management Visit archived site In tandem with a print campaign that included flyers and posters, this site was designed to promote Compassionate Cuisine, a charity event for a humane organization, Animal Acres, now called Farm Sanctuary.

Donut Evolution Mini-Comic

Experimenting with Photoshop and found images, THE DONUT EVOLUTION is a mini-comic that uses text from an essay I wrote more than ten years ago (http://www.airgundiaries.com/donut-evolution-how-to-hypnotize-a-nation-in-six-easy-steps/). It’s about social engineering, mixing Orwellian themes and a little V for Vendetta.