Renderings & Sketches


You Don’t Have to See Her Eyes

Original size: 11″ x 14″
Pencil on Bristol Board
Rendering from a Jimmy’Z ad
Time to draw: 17 hours
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1986 Porsche 930 Gemballa Avalanche

Original size: 9″ x 9″
Mixed Media on Bristol Board
Time to render: 15 Hours
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Rendering from photograph
Original size: 14″ x 9″
Mixed media on Arches paper
Time to render: 10 hours
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Original size: 14 ” x 17″
Marker and pencil on marker paper
Time to sketch: 1 hour
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Original size: 18″ x 24″
Pen on Sketch Paper
Cover art for video game addiction handbook
Time to draw: 2 hours
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